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Mission is to bring the power of Crypto Bot Trading.

Crypto Trading Robots Are Designed To Help Traders Who Want To Use Automated Trading Methods To Assist With The Technical Analysis And Repetitive Elements Of Crypto Trading AIT GLOBLE Is A Super Intelligent Application That Executes Automatic Intelligent Trading Real-time Monitoring And Tracking Of Big Data Algorithms While Adjusting Real-time Market Conditions And 24/7 Real-time Monitoring, Thus Continuos Income is Guranteed.

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Worlds Best innovative Terminal for Forex Trading

Worlds Most Trusted and Secured Trading Platform

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Provides Multiple Forex Trading Instruments

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You can instantly deploy profitable strategies onto charts with just the click of button, without having to worry about anything else like technical analysis or knowledge in this field whatsoever!

It does everything from setting up positions on various markets around world wide economy via automatic algorithms so you don’t have to do any work other than making profits.

  • Ability to trade 24/5.
  • 80+ Premium indicators merged in algorithm.
  • Made with 6 Strong Programming Languages.

Automated Trading

Automated Trading is executed by Robot.



Robot can run multiple programs simultaneously.


Don't Influence

Taking the emotion out of trading.


Reporting & Analysis

Robot deals with high frequency trading.

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